Ehealth is becoming more important in our aging society as the market seeks opportunities to improve the effectiveness of service delivery while lowering the costs of service.

Through the integration of mobile computing, touch screen technology, rugged designs tailored to healthcare environments and abundant expansion capability, The eHealth MultiMed product portfolio can decrease workloads while improving the quality of healthcare services delivered to patients.

MultiMed offers:

  • Integrated Nurse Call
  • Secure access to medical information
  • Access to existing IT software
  • Back office for content management
  • In real time control
  • Remote control & supervision

  • eHealth Group offer a broad series of medical computing products for a wide range of applications, including Expert Medical Station, Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) and Patient Bedside Infotainment Terminal Series. Our offerings can be deployed in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, medical centers, clinics, nursing homes and ambulatory care centers.